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Welcome to Being Belle!

Updated: May 1, 2020

My name is Anabelle Smith and I am an Australian dual Olympian. I am 27 years old and have been an elite athlete for the past 13 years. I am also a daughter, sister, friend, University graduate, board member, amateur yogi, adventure lover, long time journal writer, and self-confessed foodie. I love all things health and wellness and constantly strive to challenge my thinking and broaden my knowledge on how I can live my best life and inspire others.

I've started a blog! This has been on my vision board for years, and I've finally taken the leap. I love helping people and sharing my experiences, and I've been lucky enough to learn from some amazing mentors and individuals. I have a variety of interests and a constant curiosity about life. I'm at a place where I know who I am, and I live authentically me. Most people call me Belle, and we are all friends now, so here's a little bit about Being Belle.

Firstly, some background on me, 'the athlete'. Diving – I am so grateful for my sport. It has afforded me countless amazing experiences and special memories representing my country and travelling the world. I have competed in 19 different countries over the last decade, and am on to my third passport! I debuted on the Olympic stage in London (2012) and went on to win a bronze medal in 3m synchro in Rio (2016). I have also won multiple bronze medals at World Championships and Commonwealth Games. I guess bronze is kind of my thing!

The Olympic Games are an unreal experience. The sense of euphoria you feel walking into the athlete's village and competition arena is hard to describe. For me, those moments represented; my family – who sacrificed so much for me to chase my goals, the hours of training, the sweat and tears, the challenges overcome, and my support team of coaches, physio and massage therapists, psychologists, dieticians, doctors and mentors who have played an integral role in my career. Those moments also gave me a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities that enabled me to be there in that moment, standing in the green and gold, living my dream.

Along with the triumphs, dedicating the majority of my life to training in the prospect of reaching my athletic potential, has also carried a decent amount of stress. Dealing with setbacks, injury, pressure, expectations, non-selection, low confidence, and poor performance are all circumstances and feelings that I think all athletes have to deal with over their careers. It's all part of the job. But learning to better cope with my own struggles as well as celebrate my wins has had a profoundly positive impact on my career. Perspective is also a game changer. I'm not saving lives playing sport, so if I make mistake in a competition, I know the world keeps turning and my family still loves me!

So who am I outside the pool? Well, I am naturally bubbly, energetic & empathetic, and my family and friends mean the world to me. I love life! I love to travel, explore new places, and make the most out of opportunities. My most recent 'favourite' trip was to Hawaii, where I went on adventures across Oahu and Maui with my sister. I can't wait to go back soon. The next spot on my Bucket List is Africa, to go gorilla trekking in Uganda!

I enjoy watching YouTube videos, reading non-fiction books, and my favourite podcasts revolve around wellness. My guilty pleasure is watching the Kardashians, but I don't watch much TV... I'm usually training! I live in activewear #teamjaggad, I am obsessed with avocado & coconut and my favourite meal of the day is brunch.

So, that's a bit about being me! I'll be writing a new blog post every Wednesday, sometimes about Anabelle the athlete, and other times about Anabelle the food/ adventure/ life-loving human. If anything, this blog will act as a creative outlet for me, but I hope we can grow a little community of like minded people too. I'm very excited for this new adventure and truly grateful for your support! Please leave a comment telling me what you'd enjoy reading about :)

Til next week, Belle



Crunchy Almond & Cacao Bark

– 1/4 cup cacao

– 1/2 cup coconut oil

– 2 tbsp pure maple syrup

– 1/2 cup roasted almonds (chopped)

Melt cacao, coconut oil, and maple syrup over low heat. Pour mixture into a bowl, and mix in chopped almonds and a pinch of salt. Spread across a baking paper lined tray (with edges to stop spillage!) place in the freezer for 20 mins. Break up bark. Enjoy!


“Today you are You and that is truer than true. There is noone alive who is Youer than You”

– Dr. Seuss

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