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27 random facts about me

Hi friends, I love getting to know people & hearing other peoples stories, so I thought this week I would share 27 random things about me. Hopefully, you get to know me a little better and we can connect over any similarities!

  • It took me 7 years to finish my undergraduate degree at Uni

  • I despise butter on bread

  • I wanted to be a paediatrician growing up and did work experience at the Royal Children’s Hospital during school. I quickly realised that I didn't have the emotional control to work with sick kids and am now afraid of hospitals

  • My Mum was born in Mauritius and I can’t wait to visit the island and my extended family one day soon

  • I was an Uber driver for 2 weeks when Uber first started. I drove 4 passengers. Then I went overseas for diving and my account was cancelled. Mum was very pleased.

  • I only read non-fiction books. I love self-help books and reading autobiographies.

  • I have medaled at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, World Junior Championships, World Cup, World Series and Grand Prix diving competitions.

  • I find sweet chilli sauce spicy

  • I can read music and play a little bit of piano

  • My sister and I have been on 5 sister trips- 1. Paris, Positano & London, 2. NYC, LA, Vancouver & Toronto, 3. Hawaii, 4. Bali (twice).

  • On my bucket list is an African Safari and hiking in Rwanda & Uganda to see the gorillas and chimpanzees. Dreeamy!

  • I have lived in 12 different houses across 3 states.

  • I’d choose an adventure holiday over a relaxation holiday any day of the week

  • I am a chronic people pleaser

  • I can kick a mean drop punt and after the Olympics in 2016 was invited to an AFLW camp which was sooo much fun.

  • I have never watched a horror movie and probably never will

  • I did 1 VCE subject (P.E) in Year 11 and only 3 subjects in Year 12 (English, Maths Methods, and Health) and earned an ATAR over 90. Everyone has a different path!

  • I have a food intolerance to salicylates which is an organic chemical found in different amounts in every food, as well as many medications. It’s not fun.

  • I am a very quick learner, but have very little creativity

  • I have 22 cousins and 18 second cousins

  • I have been diving for 16 years

  • My favourite colour is pink

  • I’ve had surgery once, after crushing my finger in an accident doing calf raises in the gym

  • A couple of friends and I were given free Beyonce tickets when we were in Sydney for a diving competition after chatting with Beyonce’s stylist at the artist entry gate. We were staying at a hotel down the street and had just gone for a walk. We experienced Queen B and all her magic, then ran back to our rooms at midnight. Our coach had no idea!

  • I’ve been to China for training camps or competitions over 10 times

  • I have never been skiing or snowboarding, but cannot wait to learn after I retire

  • I absolutely love the circus and growing up would get trapeze lessons for my birthday. I love anything that sparks adrenaline!

Were you surprised by any? Let me know on my Instagram @beingbelle if you were! Thanks for stopping by and I'd love to learn something random about you guys too.

Til next week, Belle

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