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Female Empowerment

Who are the women in your life?

Take a couple of minutes to reflect on the prevalent females in your network who support you, love you, and empower you. I bet you could think of a different reason why you appreciate and are grateful for each, personal to the special connection you share.

For me, I think of my Mum, for being my rock. My sister, for being my forever best friend. My friend who I can count on to hold my hand when I need it. Another friend who is always there to listen, one who makes me believe in myself, one who makes me seek adventure and another who is always filled with the wisdom I need to hear. Support staff who make me laugh, and mentors who inspire me to dream big. Having a strong web of female energy, as well as contributing your own energy to others, is crucial to feeling fulfilled and connected.

The glue that binds us all together is support. We are stronger together.

I’m a firm believer that- you can achieve a lot on your own, but you can achieve more together. Lifting each other up with support, passion, and encouragement is so rewarding. At the end of the day, who wants to be celebrating the wins by themselves? Equally as comforting is feeling safe and supported when we experience the lows and losses.

I’ve experienced jealousy at its worst. And those people are the ones travelling on their own. Accepting our differences, but understanding the power we hold together, gives me so much fuel to be the best friend, sister, and daughter I can be. And to have the confidence that I can achieve great things in life, knowing I have strong women to push me along the way, and catch me if I fall.

To all the beautiful, strong, empowered women in my life- I love you, and I’ve got your back for life! Girl power everyday, til the end of time.


I’d like to acknowledge that the ‘challenge accepted’ black and white photo movement that has gone viral on Instagram began in Turkey as a way for women to raise their voices against the heinous acts of violence against their own. Violence against women and ‘honour-killings’ are a deep-rooted and prevalent issue in Turkey today.

How can we help?

We can donate to a women’s shelter in Istanbul or

Stay updated by following @auturkishculturalclub on Instagram. Most of Turkish media is unfortunately government-controlled.

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