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June favourites

This week I decided to share my favourite things in June. I've put the links to products for you to check everything out too. Enjoy :)

Clothing: I have spent some time online shopping recently, and have discovered some really great brands, who produce high-quality staples. I have also tried to support small businesses when looking for new pieces to buy

Skincare: I have super sensitive skin, so I always try to use products with no nasties and that give my skin extra moisture and shine.

Makeup: I don't wear a lot of makeup because I am always training, but on days when I feel like giving myself a bit of extra self-care, I use a sunscreen tinted moisturiser, some brow pencil and mascara!

Hair Care: I get my hair chemically straightened, so I use products that promote repair and moisture! I also am drawn to products that smell like coconuts :)

Podcasts: I enjoy listening to podcasts from people I look up to or about topics I am interested in. I love wellness, popular culture, and hearing people's stories.

Netflix: I don't spend too much time on Netflix, but some nights if I am ready for bed early, I like to watch something on my laptop in bed.


Lastly, last month (thanks to my sister) I learnt how to make cold brew at home. I am still new to coffee, but learning new ways to enjoy drinking it at home has been fun! All you need is a French Press ($20 at KMart), ground coffee beans ($5 from the shops) and water!

  • Place 8tbsp of ground coffee into French Press

  • Fill the rest up with water (leave about 3cm empty at the top)

  • Stir until well combined and then put the lid on, resting the plunger on top of the water

  • Leave to sit overnight on the kitchen bench

  • Plunge in the morning and transfer fresh cold brew into a glass jar and store in the fridge for up to 3 days.

  • I like to make my cold brew with lots of ice, 3/4 cold brew, 1/4 almond milk


Til next week, Belle

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