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Kindness isn't Cancelled

Kindness is one of my core values, and something the world always needs more of. Kindness is important to me, because making people feel good, makes me feel good. It's a wonderful reward system and it costs absolutely nothing.

You know what they say... treat others as you would like to be treated. And it's totally true. There is nothing worse than leaving an interaction with someone, feeling negative, judged or, devalued. On the contrary, walking away with a smile on your face is a sure sign of quite the opposite.

With so much stress and uncertainty in the air, making someone else feel good can really have a lasting effect. And sometimes it's even more rewarding with strangers! Whether it's your local barista, butcher or baker, use your best manners as they serve you and watch them smile and appreciate your kindness (albeit through their mask). We are all going through challenges, so any moment to make a positive impact on someone's day and contribute to the release of endorphins is priceless.

Small acts of kindness can truly make someone's day. Recently, my friend sent me a pair of runners I ordered in from QLD, and inside the box she wrote a beautiful note and added a sneaky block of chocolate, just to make me feel her support, knowing the tough time we were experiencing in Victoria. It boosted my mood instantly.

I challenge you to do 1 random act of Kindness for a friend or a stranger this week, big or small!

KIND Snacks are supporting Australian charities, organisations and our wonderful front line workers who are doing it extra tough through this pandemic. If you know someone who is in need of a little extra love, KIND are doing their part to send some KIND bars to as many people as they can reach. You can head to to find out more. Thank you for inspiring this blog.

Also, if you need a good mood boost, here are a couple of good news channels.

Til next week, Belle

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