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Letting go

Another overwhelming week in Melbourne. As we head into stage 4 lockdown, a fresh wave of emotions hit, along with a new wave of uncertainty. My heart aches for all the Victorians who are struggling right now.

This week I have been focusing on the notion of letting go.

What happens when we become over-stimulated or over-stressed? We hold on to tension. Whether it is physical tension or a pile-up of mental baggage, eventually we hit a tipping point, and ultimately whatever it is that we have been holding on to, will usually explode in an unwanted fashion. For athletes, that might appear in an injury, and for others, it might be an emotional outburst at someone undeserving.

I think with experience, comes an increased tolerance to tension and baggage, and the tipping point is certainly different for everyone. I have felt myself slowly approaching and occasionally nudging my breaking point. The last month has especially felt like a constant repeat of the following process: a challenge arises or we are hit with deflating news, it is difficult to digest, but then we adapt, gain some resilience and keep moving forward.

As the announcement was made last Sunday of stage 4 restrictions, I felt an incoming explosion. I paused in the moment, and the overarching feeling was exhaustion. I was exhausted of the constant fear, uneasiness, anxiety, and panic of the current and unfolding situation. Exhausted of wondering if and when this was ever going to be over and we'd get to hug our families again. I needed to sit with my feelings and reassess how I was handling the challenges being presented.

So, I decided to try letting go.

Letting go of thinking I had any sort of control, letting go of constantly craving certainty or a plan, letting go of expectations for what the next 6-12 months might look like.

Letting go of these things has diverted my mindset onto the path of 'going with the flow'. Which is not usually my preferred route. But it is very clear today, that we have to just deal with each day as it comes and accept that the challenges will just keep coming. Being adaptable, being mindful, and staying positive are three things I will continue to focus on in the coming weeks. Maybe they are something you might like to try too.

I've been telling my friends that my resilience bank is running low, but I truly am ok with the ebbs and flows of emotions. That's one thing we can expect, right? We will continue to grow and we will continue to just do our best.

How are you feeling? What have you been focusing on that has helped you get through this ever-challenging season?

Love to everyone. Stay connected, and look out for your family and friends.

Til next week, Belle

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