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Quarantine Diaries 1

As most of you are probably aware, I have flown over to Adelaide so I can get back to training, and because of the border restrictions, I have been sent straight into 14 days of mandatory hotel quarantine! Here is a recount of the first three days!

I also posted a YouTube video of the first 24 hours and a room tour. You can check that out here

So, I flew out of Melbourne Airport on Sunday afternoon, which was a surreal experience because it was an absolute ghost town. Before security, I had my temperature checked and was questioned, and had to supply my exemption form. The flight was seamless and quick, albeit pretty much empty.

As soon as we landed and got off the plane, we were lead to an immigration-like set up of police officers who checked IDs and went through some formal processes. We were led in our masks through a blocked off passage way, passed the outgoing security check at Adelaide airport, and were welcomed with confused and concerned stares by the outgoing passengers. It was very clear we had flown in from Melbourne!

We had a police escort to the quarantine hotel and were swiftly taken up to our designated rooms. As I walked through my door, the first thing i saw was a balcony and a huge sense of relief followed. Only half of the rooms at this hotel have a balcony, and it is a lucky dip if you get one! Being able to open the door and breathe in fresh air has been a game changer, and I am honestly concerned about how I would have coped if I didn't have one.

Dinner on the first night didn't arrive til 8:15pm, with a knock on the door the only allowance to peep out into the corridor and collect your food. The meals have been pretty decent if you aren't a fussy, food intolerant athlete like me! Thankfully, after a day and a half of picking out what I liked/ suitable for me to eat, I received a Coles online food delivery of fresh fruit, vegetables and snacks to make my own meals.

I have been filling in my time so far with little bits of exercise, lots and lots of FaceTime calls, some emails and work, I had a 3hour-long focus group chat yesterday with the AIS (which was a great time passer!), puzzle books, baths and a bit of Netflix. I have had so many recommendations of things to watch, so I think I'm sorted!

Very grateful again for my balcony, as I spend minutes on end just staring out into the abyss and reflecting on life ;) My diffuser has also been amazing to create a calm and familiar environment!

Feeling good so far, and staying positive! I anticipate a few harder days to come, but know I have so many people looking out for me whilst I am here!

Til next week, Belle

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